You need help to sell or buy a business?

We can help, be assured

We are your National M&A Advisor in South Africa
with reach to our Global Alliance of 280+ Associates in more than 100 countries.

In this Alliance you can reach a wealth of lenders, investors and buyers around the world - today, more than ever, an important asset.

We Connect Opportunities to Capital

NBA is part of a Global Network

National  Business Advisors (NBA) is a subsidiary of the international network of M&A and Business Advisors based in Germany: CBA Cross Border Associates (

More than 280 Global Advisors

Globally, 280+ CBA Associates from 106 countries are part of this truly unique success story on five continents – with M&A-, Business-, Legal- and Tax Experts connecting opportunities to capital. 

National M&A and BB Network

business opportunities

With our new brand National Business Advisors we are now also based in South Africa, building a national network of M&A and BB professionals, with access to our Global Alliance.

Selling your Business

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When selling your business to retire or go elsewhere. With NBA you have access to local buyers in South Africa as well as a wealth of  buyers and investors worldwide.

Why working with NBA?

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We try harder! We can make it a point that you receive the best you can get. Why? Because that is our philosophy and we want to be successful and recommended by you!

Who can join NBA?

executive search

We are recruiting Professionals from specific backgrounds as National Business Advisors, Legal and Tax Experts with key competencies in M&A and related services.


How the blockchain is changing money and business
by Don Tapscott - had 1,931,227 YouTube-views by now.

M&A News

Normalising Financial Statements

Telling the real story 1. Introduction Before a discounted cash flow method, or any other method ->

M&A NEWS, edition 60, April 2020 is out

The latest edition of NBA's M&A NEWS and Global Business Bulletin is the 60th anniversary edition, ->

Latest Business Opportunities

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