Locate an associated advisor in your target area

This directory gives you quick access to finding an advisor in the NBA network M&A Advisors and Business Brokers. Search by location or expertise to find an expert to guide you through your planned transaction.

Access our Network of National NBA Advisors
and our Network of Global CBA Advisors

The M&A Advisors

An Alliance of M&A Transaction Specialists

NBA Advisors must fulfil our network’s mandatory criteria to join. What this means for you is that you can be assured that the associate you contact is an expert in his field and has plentiful experience in deal marketing and closing. 

The Legal and Tax Experts

The Group of Lawyers and Tax Advisors

Legal and tax advice are normally provided by third parties. However, NBA has initiated The Expert Alliance of lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisors to form part of the national NBA network. This alliance of professionals assists the NBA Advisors and their clients as independent legal practitioners.

NBA has also partnered with experts from other professions: financial engineers, bankers, chartered accountants, technical engineers, architects, surveyors, scientists and other professionals from various industries. Their addition to the NBA network has added regional and industry skill and knowledge. They provide both you and our Associates with information on cultural differences and differences in regional business practices. You can leverage our network and gain access to their professional talent when you cooperate with NBA.

Partners of The Expert Alliance act as special advisors in their areas of expertise. You are welcome to contact them for general advice and for support in transaction. They also can help with special due diligence functions.

Globally, NBA has access to a comprehensive database of such professionals in more than 100 countries.

The Consulting Professionals

A Global Network of Specialised NBA Consultants

Special deals in multiple industries need people with specific skills and experience to successfully accompany buy/sell business opportunities over and above the ordinary.

That is why NBA partnered with consultants from a great variety of backgrounds, to help NBA and its Associates with their extremely professional knowledge during the closing and due diligence processes in local and cross-border transactions.

Again, this has one clear aim: The independence form external consultants that are not part of the NBA family. Consultants associated with NBA are practising under NBA's rules and regulations of confidentiality and business ethics within a sworn team of professionals, for the benefit of their clients.

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