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Consumer goods retailer

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Business for Sale

Industry: Consumer goods

Sector: Retail

SIC Code: 51370501 BABY GOODS

Country of Origin: Brazil |

Target Countries: Angola, Brazil, Chile, Portugal

Target Areas: Mercosul, Worldwide

Business Review

Founded more than forty years, in May 2007 the company began a process of expansion beyond Pernambuco state borders. After the results of market research conducted, the city of Salvador, Bahia was chosen to host the first store of the expansion project. Specialised in household items, the company is a retailer that currently has six stores in Pernambuco, one in Bahia, one in Sergipe, one in Ceará, one in Paraíba and another in Alagoas, totalising 11 stores in the Northeast of Brazil and a distribution centre in São Lourenco da Mata, state of Pernambuco. The operation focus of the company is very well directed, and its strategic actions are directed to reach its target audience, which is composed of modern women, housewives of class A, B and C, aged above 18 years old. The next step on the company´s planning is to develop it´s e-commerce.

Homeware products, products for babies, furniture and decoration
Financial Information

Revenue 2014: EUR 35,850,000

EBITDA 2014: EUR 1,990,000

Asking Price: on request


The company has won several times the regional Brands Recall Research and is very trusted by its clients, and is a very well organised retailer that offers a variety of more than 25.000 items.

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