Business Summary
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Capital Raising
Construction of biogas plant in Moldova

Mandate ID:
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Renewable energy

Sector: Biogas


Country of Origin: Moldova |

Target Areas: Central Europe, Eastern Europe

Business Review

Construction of biogas plant from sewage sludge and corn silage in Moldova (3 MW electrical power).
Owners of the project are interested in debt (EUR 6.78mn, 7% p.a., Y7) or equity finance.
The final structure of the project is open for discussions.

Electricity (transformation of biogas in electricity in the cogeneration module and sale to the network at the "green" tariff).
Financial Information

Capital / Loan Requirements: 6,780,000 EUR


Biogas is eco-friendly.
Biogas generation reduces soil and water pollution.
Biogas generation produces organic fertilizer.
It's a simple and low-cost technology that encourages a circular economy.
Biogas provides a healthy cooking alternative for developing areas.

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