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Capital Raising
Synthetic fuel production system and patents

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Capital Raising

Industry: Renewable energy

Sector: Synthetic fuel production from natural resources


Country of Origin: Germany |

Target Countries: Germany, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

Target Areas: European Union, ME (Middle East countries), BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Latin America, North America

Business Review

The company holds various patents for the Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Hydrocarbons, and has created the key for the process, catalyst that lead to good conversions of CO2 and H2, with which it is possible to successfully produce fuel using a direct synthesis of CO2 and H2. Full patent and technology description is available on request to qualified investors.

Synthetic fuels
Financial Information

Capital / Loan Requirements: 2,000,000 EUR


Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Hydrocarbons is the latest and most advanced technology in the chain of systems for the production of synthetic fuels.

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