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Bid for tenders for the Tel Aviv Metropolitan light rail train network

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Other Business Opportunity

Industry: Railways

Sector: Light rail and metro lines

Country of Origin: Israel |

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Metropolitan Mass Transit Systems Ltd. (NTA) is a Government-owned company tasked with the development of a mass transit system for the Tel Aviv metropolitan consisting of light rail and metro lines.
NTA, hereby invite entities and consortia from the private sector in Israel and abroad, to participate in a pre-qualification process for tenders for PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects mode for the design, finance, construction and maintenance of light rail train lines in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area which is the Green Line and the Purple Line, hereinafter defined as the “Project”, the “Green Line Project” and the “Purple Line Project”, respectively.
The Green Line will link the southern (Rishon Lezion and Holon) and northern parts (Hertzliya and KiryatAtidim) of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area to the city center. A total of 65 Million people are projected to use the line every year.
The Purple Line will connect the eastern parts of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area (Ramat Gan, Yehud, Or Yehuda, Petach Tikvah and Givat Shmuel) to Tel-Aviv city center. Key destinations along the route include Tel-Hashomer Hospital and Bar-Ilan University. The line is expected to serve 60 Million passengers annually.

Green Line Project and the Purple Line Project
Mass transit services
Financial Information

Pre-Qualification Submission Date (Last Bid Date): Participants will submit their proposals to the Invitation for Pre-Qualification as an original and four (4) identical copies in total five (5) altogether in sealed and separate envelopes by no later than 14:00 (2 p.m.) on December 13, 2018.
Direction: north to south
Length: 39km
Underground section: 4.5 km
Number of stations: 62, 4 underground
Depot: 1 Heavy and light maintenance, 1 light maintenance
Fleet: approx. 120 vehicles

Direction: east to west
Length: 29km
Number of stations: 45
Depot: 1 Heavy and light maintenance
Fleet: approx. 100 vehicles

The Tender Committee intends to select Successful Bidders to execute each of the Green Line Project and the Purple Line Project through the following stages:
1. The Pre-Qualification Process:
a. The purpose of this Pre-Qualification Process is to identify Eligible Participants, who will be invited to participate in the Tender Process for the Green Line Project and the Purple Line Project.

b. During the Pre-Qualification Process, Participants will be required to submit Pre-Qualification Submissions, in accordance with the provisions of this Invitation, in order to demonstrate their compliance with all Pre-Qualification Requirements and all other applicable requirements and provisions of this Invitation.

c. Pre-Qualification Submissions submitted by the Participants will be evaluated by theTender Committee in accordance with the provisions of this Invitation. Without derogating from the provisions of Section 9 (Review and Evaluation of Pre-Qualification Submissions), following its evaluation, the Tender Committee will announce the Eligible Participants. Only those Participants which demonstrated compliance with all Pre-Qualification Requirements and all other applicable requirements and provisions of this Invitation, and were not otherwise disqualified thereby, will be announced as Eligible Participants.

d. The Participants are informed that due to the complexity and the unique nature of the Project, the Pre-Qualification Process and the Tender Process, the Pre-Qualification Requirements and other requirements included herein, have been designated in order to qualify competent and adequate candidates.
2. A separate Tender Process with respect to each of the Projects, as shall be determined by NTA in which those participants which will have been deemed to comply with the requirements of the Pre-Qualification Process, will be invited to participate (the "Tender Process").
a.Following the completion of the Pre-Qualification Process, the Tender Committee intends to invite all Eligible Participants (and only Eligible Participants) to participate in the Tender Process.

b.The Tender Committee intends to issue two separate invitations to submit bids, one for the Green Line Project and second for the Purple Line Project.

c.It is expected that Eligible Participants will be permitted to participate in the Tender Process(s) only in the composition which was prequalified pursuant to the Pre-Qualification Process (i.e. the same Members, Guarantors and Experience Providers).

d.It is expected that an Eligible Participant, if announced as a Successful Bidder, will only be awarded with the execution of one of the Projects (either the Green Line Project or the Purple Line Project but not both), all in accordance with the terms and conditions which will be further detailed in each the Tender Documents.
Participation Fee
As a pre-condition for the participation in the Pre-Qualification Process, each Participant shall pay a participation fee in an amount of USD 4141 (Four Thousand One Hundred Forty One Dollars only)(VAT included) (the “Participation Fee”).
Scope of Work
The scope of work of each of the successful Bidders is expected to include the design, manufacture, supply, installation and construction (as applicable) of all light rail train (LRT) elements within the LRT strip, including the LRT strip excavation, the multi-tabular (rail utilities infrastructure), tracks, catenary poles electrification, rail systems, signalling, at-grade stops, the technical rooms (TTR) located outside the LRT Strip, the rolling stock and the depots, all as further detailed below.
It is expected that the scope of work under each of the Green Line and Purple Line Tenders will include:
a.Financing of the Project;
b.Surveys, studies, design and permitting of all of the following;
c.Design and Construction of the Successful Bidders scope of work within the LRT strip, as demonstrated in the diagram of a typical cross section above, including temporary traffic arrangement required for the construction;
d.Design and Construction of all technical rooms (TTRs) (outside the LRT Strip);
e.Design, supply and installation of all rail systems, such as: electricity and electrification, signalling, dynamic signage, communication systems, automatic fare collection, digital mobile radio system, passenger information display system, physical security information management system, telephony and help point system, unified recording system, communication backbone network etc., including all required civil infrastructure with respect thereto; It should be noted that the work include connecting the rail systems, apart from the signalling, to the main systems installed by the Red Line contractor;
f.Manufacture, supply and commissioning of all rolling stock vehicles; and
g.Construction of the HaTayasim depot for the Purple Line and Hertzliya and Holon depots for the Green Line, including all structures, building and railway systems, track works, all maintenance facilities, systems and equipment, earthworks and site development. It is expected that some earthworks may be included within the Infra 1 Works.
h.The overall management, integration, coordination and organization of the entire scope of work under the Tender;
i.Light and heavy maintenance of the rolling stock vehicles;
j.Maintenance of all Project facilities and Systems and interface and integration with the operator of the Lines; and
k.Early operation of the Tel-Aviv PLW1 section of the Purple Line is currently being considered. If implemented, it will include design and construction by the Successful Bidder of a temporary depot near the Savidor train station (Tel-Aviv 2000 zone).

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