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No two businesses are alike - whether selling or buying, you have unique goals and demands for the business transaction. To even get close to achieving these goals and fulfilling these demands, you need to have credible answers to the scores of natural questions that come up during the planning phase. This is where the National Business Advisor Alliance (NBA) comes in.

When you go through us, you’ll be gaining access to trustworthy information straight from experts in all aspects of international business transactions. Our Advisors can provide you with counselling in acquisitions, mergers, law, finance, taxes and whatever other issues appear.

Thorough and Dependable: Case Studies as Guidance

You might have a clear end-game goal for your business transaction. Alternatively, you might not yet know exactly what you hope to expect from a planned transaction. In either case, NBA can provide you with case studies, where circumstances were similar to your current situation. This is but one of the ways we show you what you can expect from a business transaction.

                                                    " Achieving a balance

                                                 between seller and buyer


Transparency and Integrity

NBA never rushes a client into a purchase or a sale. The essence of our services is the exact opposite: To give you the resources and time you need to fully understand and work through the transaction. We work on the principle of transparency: Never holding back any information or advice you might need to make a proper decision.

Through NBA, you will gain support to assist you through the mazes of contracts, business valuations, legal issues and taxes. Simultaneously, we work on a principle of modesty: We will never “overhype” a business or our own services.

We will be upfront and objective with any business transaction.Our job is simply to give you the information, assistance and advice to allow you to make a decision leading to a satisfying cross-border business transaction.

Sell-Side Advisory

We understand and accelarate the process to evaluate your business, and to present it in an enhanced way. We do this by giving advice on all related issues, including which business units to strip, which type of buyer to engage in negotiations with and how to maximise the value of current equities. In addition, we arrange management buyouts, handling all issues related to how such a buyout will affect the board of directors, management teams and shareholders.

Buy-Side Advisory

For the business buyer, we plan and adopt a strategy for your firm’s future growth. Our system emphasises research above all. From the basis of the agreed-upon growth strategy, we compile a list of suitable companies, directly contacting the companies with structured proposals. After arranging negotiations and an agreement, we take care of the due diligence investigation and help you close the transaction.

Unique Transaction Services

For business transactions that are not exactly “standard,” we point our international industry experts in your direction. Working with you, they utilise proven frameworks to assist you in completing the goal of your project. They will take into account the unique structure and needs of your transaction. Our methods have led to successful transactions in the areas of technology transfer, homeland security, “green” business and many more so-called “non-standard” business deals.

National Guidance

Business doesn't discriminate; money doesn't discriminate; we don't discriminate. In fact, we work exclusively in the area of M&A and National Business Advisor transactions (hence the name). For this reason, we have an absolute need to surround ourselves (figuratively) with expert Associates throughout South Africa. And as one of the services we offer our clients, we lend this National Team of Experts to you, as well as our Global Team, when required. You will receive all the advice you need for closing your specific transaction. Whether you have questions on the local tax laws, business laws or investment opportunities we will assist you in getting in touch with the right person to answer your questions. Business is a language. Let us be your translator.

What You Can Expect From Us

A Clear Outcome: We won’t just throw information at you and hope you figure it out. If we must, we will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process of buying or selling a business cross-borders. We will only break paths with you when your transaction is completed.

Sincerity: We don’t charge by the hour or by the number of services you use. In fact, our basic consultation is free. We only charge for extra services required when necessary. Our goal is to sincerely help you close the transaction that you want and deserve.

Direction: No matter how long you’ve been in business, your industry or your country, you cannot handle all of the tasks involved in buying or selling a business overseas on your own. You will need advice from a collection of experts from a variety of fields and nations. Finding all of these advisors on your own is difficult and costly. NBA solves this problem by bringing together these advisors under our umbrella & lending them to you for free; so you can find direction in your business transaction.

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